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Hippie clothes for the hippie clothing crowd for Kathmandu clothing at prices meant for the pockets! All of the hippie clothes on sale here can be got on either retail or wholesale depending on how it is sold. All of the Kathmandu clothing are made from natural fibers as far as possible. There are different hippie clothing categories such as dresses, tops, jackets, trousers, bags and purses, hats and caps, junk jewellery, hippie accessories and much more. We provide Free shipping once you have bought more than $499 plus and we give you a further 5% discount if you buy more than $999, the discount code for which you put in while checking out that can be found on any page you are in which is at the bottom. The code for which is "discount" itself. Furthermore, all payments are made to us through secure payment via your credit or debit card through a SSL gateway by Stripe. Just navigate from the shop page or check out the categories given at the sides. You can also go to the different hippie clothing categories by clicking on the images indicating them. Check out the cheap hippie clothing then, order what suits you and then allow us to do the rest of having them sent to you by air shipping right to your doorstep that you have provided us with in expedited time for your use. In case you have and further questions, you can always get in contact with us via our contact form that will be found here, we will do our best the alleviate any questions you might have regarding our wacky clothes sold by us.