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Hippie Clothes of the best kind are to be found here at prices meant for the pockets. Get some of the best Kathmandu clothing from us at prices meant for the pockets both on retail as well as wholesale. All of the hippie clothes are made from made from natural fibers as far as possible with unique designs of their own keeping in mind the taste for the alternative clothing style. You will find an array of hippie clothing styles to cater to all taste buds irrespective of your gender to bring out the wacky side of you in your clothes. There are all category of clothes to be had here such as dresses, tops, trousers, skirts, jackets, ponchos, hats and caps, bags and purses, junk jewellery, religious items and other hippie accessories that you will find at a cheap price by just browsing through. Most of the alternative clothing sold by us have sizes and some are made so to fit all body forms. The artistic work done on most of them is by hand mostly by women who are well suited for this kind of nimble work. So this empart the true form of feminism going into you boho clothes, knowing this might give you the satisfaction. Just browse through the list and let us know what has caught you taste and we will have them sent over to you immediately for your boho hippie clothing use. So Come, see, find and buy from our stock of hippie clothing that is bound to satiate your taste buds.

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